Like Father, like Son: Story of a Goal Sneak byJockO'Keefe (XC 1959)
Monday, 23 October 2023

After spending six years at Xavier Jack Moriarty (OX 1917) graduated with an A + in footy. His Dad, Geoff played and coached Fitzroy VFL and was a valued member of the 'Roys 1895 premiership side. So, it was full on football around the family dinner table.

Fresh from school, rookie Jack kicked off playing with Essendon in the VFA. Despite being five foot, ten inches tall, and sixty kilos in weight, Jack transferred to Fitzroy VFL and almost immediately made a name for himself at full forward. His skinny frame was often seen taking speckeys, high above the outstretched arms of his competitors...

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Jack wore the Fitzroy guernsey from 1923 to 1933 averaging four goals per game.

He was a permanent fixture in the Victorian state side 1924 -1930. Another fact about Jack, by this time known as a prolific goal sneak was his 82 majors in his first year with the 'Roys’.

The silverware kept coming as Jack topped the club's leading goal kicker a total of nine times, as well being selected in Fitzroy's Team of the Century 2004 and inducted to the AFL Hall of Fame.

In all, Jack booted 662 goals from 170 senior games.

Prior to retirement Jack became famous for his words of wisdom to up and comers;

'Play football with your head as well as your feet’.

I'm reliably informed there was one thing Jack Moriarty disliked about playing for Fitzroy FC; the cold showers after the game, even if he had booted a bag.