Mentoring at Foyer
Thursday, 13 May 2021
Mentoring made it through COVID times!

Mentoring at the Foyer was undertaken via Zoom throughout most of 2020.

Each month, mentors recruited from the community and through XSJN, and young people resident at the Education First Youth Foyer Broadmeadows, met online in training sessions and began to get to know each other. 
Outside of the group training sessions, they caught up with each other,  one-on-one to discuss books, share a recipe and cook it up online, watch a film and review it, and in one case even attend a graduation.

There are currently six young people in contact with their mentors, and since the lifting of restrictions they have been able to meet up, have a coffee face-to-face, go to a park, watch local sports together, and begin interacting outside of the small screen and virtual space.

Mentors appeal to students who wish to expand their social connections and connect with people who can be an external support and provide a sounding board.  

This past year Denzil Furtado OX 2013, and a biotech researcher and entrepreneur, has been mentoring J.D., who is studying a Bachelor of Business and Economics at La Trobe University. They share a passion for empowering and building up the community, with J. leading Project Zero Alliance, and Denzil engaging in service within and outside of his Church; this common ground provided a natural alignment in terms of knowledge exchange and mission. In December, they teamed up to pool resources and provide Christmas gifts and personalized letters to many in the community who were isolated and going through challenging circumstances.  

In 2021, JD moved out of the Foyer to live independently, and he now has a mentor and friend to support and encourage him on his journey.

The Foyer is currently taking expressions of interest from potential mentors for the Autumn commencement of the program. Please contact Abdallah Lary or Ann Howie at the Foyer for more information:  9309 3946