Xavier College Prefects 2022
Monday, 25 October 2021

Introducing the Xavier College 2022 Student Leadership Group. Congratulations to Matthew Clark (College Captain), William Pereira (College Vice-Captain), Jeremy Anthonypillai (College Vice-Captain) and all teh Prefects on their appointments. The College community is excited to see the positive role they will play as leaders in our community, demonstrating the Xaverian values instilled in each of our students.
Captain Matthew Clark (Student Consult)
Vice-Captain William Pereira (Student Consult)
Vice-Captain Jeremy Anthonypillai (Student Consult)
Bellarmine - House President Lachlan Braithwaite  
Cheshire - House President Michael Troy  
Claver - House President Ed Plunkett (Student Consult)
Gonzaga - House President Nicholas Kelly  
Ignatius - House President Patrick Gilmour  
MacKillop - House President Eddie Paul  
Mannix - House President Harry West  
Regis - House President Edward Nelson  
Ricci - House President Henry Stewart  
Spinola - House President Raphael Commins  
Faith and Service Captain Marco Jim (Student Consult)
Ignatian Service Oliver Dalton  
Ignatian Service Bill He  
Jesuit Mission Lukas Catanchin  
Jesuit Mission Aidan Commane  
Jesuit Mission Owen Johnston  
Reconciliation Charles Wright-Smith  
Environment and Sustainability Sam White  
Student Wellbeing Year 12 Liaison Danny Calvert Ben Moyle
(Student Consult)
Year 11 Liaison Thomas Rivis  
Year 10 Liaison Aidan Coysh  
Year 9 Liaison Jack Gilmour  
Boarding Captain Nicholas Honeyman  
Student Voice Liaison Hugh Silvers  
Burke Hall Liaison Samuel Bates  
Burke Hall Liaison Luca Camilleri  
Burke Hall Liaison Tom Davis  
Burke Hall Liaison Burke Hall Liaison Josh Hamilton Nicholas Tan  
Manresa Liaison Archie Connors  
Manresa Liaison Manresa Liaison Felix Kan Frederick Visentini  
Sport Captain Ed Dalton  
Music Captain Thomas Martinelli  
Drama and the Arts
Secretary and Community Relations
Andrè de Stefanis Massimo Pettinato  
Academics and Debating William Shepard