Congratulations Thomas Bergin (OX 2012) winner of the 2022 Tim Martyn Memorial Prize.
Wednesday, 12 October 2022
In 2019 the family of Timothy Martyn (OX 1996) and Xavier College introduced the Tim Martyn Memorial Prize.

This prize goes to an Old Xaverian in his 10th year out the College for ongoing involvement in Social Justice and for continuing to be a Man for Others.

Over the past 10 years Tom has been heavily involved with five social justice causes being men’s health, Indigenous affairs, education and professional development, sport, recreation and corporate engagement. He has had an emphasis on men’s health where he has raised an incredible $90,000 for Movember and Indigenous affairs where he is a part-time consultant for a non-for profit organisation called Darwin Indigenous Men’s services. He has also volunteered for Life Again, SOBAH and Clontarf all of which are indigenous not-for -profit organisations. Closer to home he has coached XC and Old Xavs football sides and provided career guidance to Old Xavs and Melb Uni students.

A most worthy recipient.