2022 Xaverian Award Winner Dr Charles Mullany (OX 1963)
Tuesday, 18 October 2022
The OXA extends it's congratulations to this year’s recipient of the Xaverian Award; Dr Charles Mullany (OX 1963)

After a professional career as a surgeon, including 22 years as a consultant and professor of cardiothoracic surgery at the famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota, Charles decided it was time for a new direction. He has been working as a physician to the intake area of Maricopa County Jail in Arizona USA. The jail houses over 1000 inmates. It also has a 240-bed psychiatric ward.

Charles has commented that nothing in his medical career had prepared him for what he found behind bars, where medical problems tend to be extensive and severe and working in the intake area is equivalent to working in a busy inner city casualty department. He has found this role to be stimulating, rewarding, and believes that it is something that he had to do.

Charles is a fine example of a Xaverian using their gifts and opportunities to achieve excellence, but then also, in a rather dramatic case in Dr Mullany’s case of using those same gifts to making a difference to those in need, who may be accounted as little in our society. We remember one of Jesus’ statement –“when I was in prison you visited me’

Dr Mullany resides in the United States, but hopefully he will be able to attend an assembly next year to accept his award and speak to the College.