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TheAir Adventures of Raymond Parer (OX 1917)
Monday, 12 February 2024
by Jock O'Keefe (OX 1959)

Ray was a day dreamer and during classes at Xavier his idle thoughts often drifted to becoming a pilot once he left...
Shane Cotter's (OX 1985) passion for sports runs deep
Monday, 15 January 2024
Finding hope in Patrick's Brain Tumour challenge
Friday, 1 December 2023
The OXA asks that you support and keep in your prayers Patrick McCaffrey (OX 2018) as he was recently diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour.

Joe McGrath (OX 1982); The Keeper of the Cup
Friday, 3 November 2023
Bagful of goals could cause concussion: The revealing highs & lows about Austin Robertson Junior OAM OX 1927 by Jock O'Keefe OX 1959
Wednesday, 25 October 2023

The Family Tree of the Robertson clan has a massive bias towards football and athletics. Both Austin Robertson Senior, and Junior were exceptional...
Like Father, like Son: Story of a Goal Sneak byJockO'Keefe (XC 1959)
Monday, 23 October 2023
After spending six years at Xavier Jack Moriarty (OX 1917) graduated with an A + in footy. His Dad, Geoff played and coached Fitzroy VFL and was a valued...
OXA Finance Business Networking Event
Wednesday, 11 October 2023
We are pleased to announce the Panel for the Finance Business Networking Event next Wednesday 11 October at LGT Crestone :
Andrew McCarthy
CEO Yugilbar...
100 Not Out! Don Collins (OX 1940)
Wednesday, 4 October 2023
Written By Catherine Hall, College Archivist

On the 15 March 2023, Matthew Donovan (Don) Collins celebrated his 100th birthday, making him...
Johnny Mahon (OX 1955) "he was born to be a VFL champ",by Jock O'Keefe (OX1959)
Monday, 2 October 2023
As a little tacker in Grade 3 at Burke Hall most newbies, like me, did a self-assessment of students in the grades above. It's called protection.
Memories of Jack O'Hagan OBE(OX 1911) by Jock O'Keefe (OX 1959)
Monday, 2 October 2023
"It's a long way to the Top, but watch out for Rock n' Roll"

Back through the ages, the genres of music have jumped from classical...
Stuart King (OX 1925) : Elite sportsman, successful businessman yet he paid the price defending our nation
Friday, 1 September 2023
Written by Jock O'Keefe (OX 1959)

From all reports Stuart was an outgoing, gregarious student when he signed on @ Xavier .
The boy from the...
Life as a Freelancer: Lachlan Baynes (OX 2012)
Friday, 1 September 2023
The Old Xavs Association punch well above its own weight when it comes to talented performers who fill in their Tax return as 'Freelance Media Artist...
Straddling a barbed-wire fence: Peter Ree's new biography on the life of Old Xaverian Tim Fischer (OX 1963)
Wednesday, 30 August 2023
Below is an excerpt from online News Publication, Inside Story, giving a synopsis and insight into the new release of Peter Rees' 'I am Tim';...
2023 Jesuit Mission Bazaar hosted by Saint Ignatius' College
Wednesday, 30 August 2023
You are warmly invited to join the festivities at this year’s Jesuit Mission Bazaar hosted by Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview. There will...
OXA Golf Day 2023 Recap & Scores
Wednesday, 30 August 2023
The 2023 OXA Golf Day took place on Monday 28 August at Royal Melbourne Golf Course in perfect conditions. The field was at capacity, with many Father/Son...
James O'Donnell (OX 2020) re-signed by the Western Bulldogs for 2024-25.
Thursday, 17 August 2023
James O’Donnell’s (OX 2020) remarkable 2023 footballing journey continued this week with the 20-year-old re-signed by the Western Bulldogs...
Dare to be Different
Friday, 11 August 2023
The forum will be held on Thursday 31 August, 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm, at the EHPAC and it is a free event, however, bookings are still required (all details...
Medical volunteers for the 2023 Sony Foundation Star Camp
Thursday, 10 August 2023
Are you a member of the Xavier College community with medical expertise, if so we invite you to consider assisting us with this year’s Sony Foundation...
Masterchef Auditions
Thursday, 10 August 2023
Our very own Lachlan Baynes (OX 2012) is a freelance television Producer working across sports broadcast, documentary and reality TV in Melbourne and has...
Synergy First Nations Art Fundraiser
Thursday, 10 August 2023
Dare To Be Different forum for 2023 and the Synergy First Nations Art Fundraiser which will be launched on the evening.

The forum will be held...
Bitcoin A Savings Technology Seminar
Thursday, 10 August 2023
Are you interested in joining a Melbourne bitcoin community, which includes Old Xaverians (ranging from OX 1992 - OX 2003). The group meet regularly and...
Dare to be Different Forum 2023
Thursday, 10 August 2023
The forum will be held on Thursday 31 August, 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm, at the EHPAC and it is a free event, however, bookings are still required (all details...
Christopher Anthony Connellan
Thursday, 11 May 2023

Born 10 July 1948
Died 19 February 2023 Aged 74 Years

Chris (XC 1966) was the younger son of Eddie (OX 1930) and Evie Connellan - pioneers...
Australia mourns the loss of Justin Kelly (OX 1953), perhaps our Rembrandt of Paediatric Urology?
Friday, 17 February 2023
Dr Justin Henry Kelly MBBS, FRACS, OAM 22/6/1936-30/10/2022

(Note: This obituary is reproduced with the kind permission of the Royal Children’s...
Dr Gregory Thomas Keogh MBBS, FRACGP (OX 1957)
Friday, 17 February 2023
Dr Gregory Thomas Keogh MBBS, FRACGP


Greg was the eldest of 3 children and grew up with his two younger sisters in...
Sir Peter John Morris AC, FRS OX 1951
Friday, 17 February 2023
Sir Peter John Morris AC, FRS

Peter and I met 75 years ago at Xavier College in Year 8, in 1947. He quickly demonstrated...
2022 Xaverian Award Winner Dr Charles Mullany (OX 1963)
Tuesday, 18 October 2022
The OXA extends it's congratulations to this year’s recipient of the Xaverian Award; Dr Charles Mullany (OX 1963)

After a professional...
Raphael Wong Phantom of the Opera
Thursday, 13 October 2022
Raphael Wong (OX 2007) is currently playing the role of Joseph Buquet and understudying the role of The Phantom, in Opera Australia's 'The Phantom...
Congratulations Thomas Bergin (OX 2012) winner of the 2022 Tim Martyn Memorial Prize.
Wednesday, 12 October 2022
In 2019 the family of Timothy Martyn (OX 1996) and Xavier College introduced the Tim Martyn Memorial Prize.

This prize goes to an Old Xaverian in...
Pat Cunningham (OX 1990) 2021 Xaverian Award Winner
Monday, 10 October 2022
Congratulations to Pat Cunningham (OX 1990) who has been awarded the Xaverian Award for 2021.

The Xaverian Award is for a past student of the College...
Xavier College 2023 Student Leaders
Wednesday, 28 September 2022
Student Leaders 2023

Student Consult

College Captain

JockO'Keefe (OX 1959) speaks with Andrew McClelland (OX 1997)
Monday, 26 September 2022

When you were in your final grades at Xavier did you confide to the Vocational Guidance Officer you wanted to pursue a career in show business?...
Nick Martin (OX 1981) swims the English Channel
Monday, 26 September 2022

Swum the English Channel @age 58 in 11 Hrs 22 mins
Played footy with Nick in XC U16D's
Been smothered in grease,...
Marty Walsh swam the English Channel in 2010
Monday, 26 September 2022
Have you swum the English Channel and we do not know about it, if so please be in contact with us at
2022 OXA Golf Day Winners
Monday, 26 September 2022

Best Combined Team Score (Par)
Brendan Case
Dominic Batten
Ross Batten
Chris Batten

The Michael Dwyer Cup - 4 Ball Best (Par)
Patrick Shaw OX 2021 selected in the Princeton Men's Heavyweight Rowing Team
Monday, 12 September 2022
Congratulations Patrick Shaw OX 2021

Patrick has been selected in The Princeton Men’s Heavyweight Rowing team’s Class of 2026.

Friday, 26 August 2022
Written by Jock O'Keefe (OX 1959)

Xavier, like most schools has had its fair share of students who spent idle moments, often in class, drawing...
Julian Schiller OX 1987
Thursday, 25 August 2022


. Your favorite author was Enid Blyton?...
Monday, 30 May 2022

Assisted a cow giving birth via caesarean section?
Been offered a civic reception by the mayor of the town you grew up in?...
2022 Blessing of the Boats
Tuesday, 1 March 2022
On Saturday 26 February, 4 news quad sculls and a new racing 8 were christened at the Blessing of the Boats at the XC Boatsheds.

Racing 8 the Jim...
Tex Wanganeen (OX 2021) gets a spot on the EFC list
Tuesday, 1 March 2022
Tex Wanganeen (OX 2021) has earned a list spot at Essendon after his outstanding performance in the Bombers’ practice match against Western Bulldogs...
Vale Mark Stokes (OX 1945)
Friday, 17 December 2021
Mark spent four years at Xavier College transferring from C.B.C St Kilda during Year 8.

He repeated that year to pick up a second language (French)....
Xavier College Prefects 2022
Monday, 25 October 2021

Introducing the Xavier College 2022 Student Leadership Group. Congratulations to Matthew Clark (College Captain), William Pereira (College Vice-Captain),...
Join Billy Morton (OX 2017) in the race against blindness and support research to find the cure against inherited retinal disease.
Wednesday, 6 October 2021
I am an Old Xav from the Class of 2017 and have been a part of the story for The Centre for Eye Research Australia (CERA) for this year's Giving Day....
2021 Tim Martyn Memorial Prize
Monday, 27 September 2021
Congratulations to Jack Bosnjak, the winner of the 2021 Tim Martyn Memorial Prize.

In 2019 the family of Timothy Martyn OX 1996 and Xavier College...
Mentoring at Foyer
Thursday, 13 May 2021
Mentoring made it through COVID times!

Mentoring at the Foyer was undertaken via Zoom throughout most of 2020.

Each month, mentors recruited...
Lifting Hearts: The Story of the Red Blazers; People Who Live In Joy - Sing & Celebrate Together
Monday, 10 May 2021
Invited by Jude Sassi Prefect for Student Wellbeing to the Yr 12 Wellbeing Day recently I was humbled to be reunited with the infamous Red Blazers.
Magis Scholars
Monday, 10 May 2021
Our Magis Scholars program invites young graduates who achieved outstanding academic results back to the College to tutor students who would like further...
Memorial Garden - Victoria Police Academy. Josh Prestney OX 2009
Wednesday, 5 May 2021

A Memorial Garden to honour the four Police Officers who died in the Eastern Freeway accident (April 2020), was recently dedicated by Chief Commissioner,...
SUN, SURF, OLYMPICS & STARTING WORK AT 3am; Jock O’Keefe catches up with Dick Garrard OX 1961.
Monday, 3 May 2021
Jock O’Keefe catches up with Dick Garrard OX 1961.

Q; As a Kostka kid you rose through the ranks at the Big school developing a passion for...
Postcards from the UK Christopher Muttukumaru OX 1968
Thursday, 29 April 2021
In our suburb on the Kentish outskirts of London, leafy Bromley had...
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